Arona is a tourist town on the largest of the Canary Islands, the area enjoys a mild climate in Which You Can Enjoy from the beach all year Until the walks for Their mediocrity.
The essence of Arona is Summarized in the enjoyment of the Full Extent of time. Each day illuminated by his light inside is a new opportunity to relax in the sun on beautiful beaches and discover its stunning scenery and fascinating vegetation.
In Arona can meet and enjoy a cuisine closely linked to the sea and the land on the Quality of Their Which is the Basis of products a pleasure.
Teide National Park.
Visit essential to Spain's highest peak - 3718 m. It is the largest and oldest parks canaries. His extraordinary geological scenery is a monument of the Most spectacular in the world, where volcanic cones and lava flows form a wonderful array of colors and shapes. Can not forget the enormous biological wealth, the high percentage of endemic plant species and the Importance in terms of number and uniqueness of the invertebrate fauna.
Inside the park is a must visit The Lunar Landscape, The seven glens. A full moon night in the Teide is one of the most amazing experiences one can imagine.
Teno Rural Park.
In the northwest of the island El Barranco de Masca, La Punta de Teno Teno and are essential to high places where visitors must stop to marvel at the place. A setting of spectacular landscapes full of contrasts and beauty, large laurel forests (endemic plants of the Islands).
Visitors can not stop doing:
Teide National Park
Playa Tejitas
Playa de la Arena
Barranco del Infierno
People of Vilaflor